"May the force be with you "

Coins Releases

  • Phase 1
    1-1000/users    3000 Coins each

  • Phase 2
    1001-10k/users    500 Coins each

  • Phase 3
    10k-100k/users    100 Coins each 

  • Phase 4
    100k-250k/users    50 Coins each 

Minted coins allocation

The minting mechanism will mint coins in small increments of %0.01 of total supply when the transaction number falls under the transaction monthly average number (daily) and will stop minting if the average is reached or the number minted reaches more than a set maximum monthly limit (to be calculated mathematically).

The allocation of the minted coins during and after the initial four stages (free wallet release) will be distributed to the priority list.

Priority list

  1. Developers and infrastructure.

  2. Top 1000 wallet spenders (allocation of %0.025 of total spending).

  3. general personal, marketing, promoters, content providers, vocal supporters, advocates, exchanges, sales, administrators, and artists.

  4. new downloaded wallets.

  5. Random wallets.